Shahid Qadri

Marketing Consultant

Shahid Qadri is an IBA graduate specializing in Sales and Marketing, with over 30 years of diverse work experience with leading local, multi-national, government and NGO sector organizations of the country. He has been associated with Packages Limited, Lakson Tobacco (now Philip Morris), Ciba Geigy (now Novartis), K&N’s, Habib Oil Mills and Greenstar Social Marketing. He has also been associated with Pakistan Institute of Management as a trainer and administrator for over three years.

He has extensive exposure to a variety of facets of the sales and marketing scenario of Pakistan including advertising, sales promotion, trade marketing, export marketing, marketing research, distribution and new product development. Due to a keen interest in training and education, he has successfully developed and conducted various in house training and mentoring programs for employees, particularly new inductees.

During his extensive career, he has had the opportunity of visiting various countries and has exposure to diverse marketing environments.

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